Ryan  Burns, phd
June 26, 2017

Nordic Geographers' Meeting in Stockholm

I don’t typically post my talks to my website, but I quite liked how this one turned out. I’m providing the slides here, and find the text of the talk in the notes section. I welcome feedback, particularly as it relates to smart cities research I may have missed. In the session I learned of great overlaps with Simon Joss’s /(U of Westminster/) ongoing research with Matthew Cook /(Open U/), PhD candidate Joe Blakey’s /(U of Manchester/) research on open data, and (Gynna Millan’s /(Queen Mary U of London/)](http://www.busman.qmul.ac.uk/staff/phd/profiles/gynna-farith-millan-franco.html) connection of smart cities with civic participation. Lots of overlap with others, too, and I was excited to see potential avenues for future collaboration.

Find the slides linked here.

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