Ryan  Burns, phd
June 16, 2017

New article in the Annals of the AAG

Received word this morning that my article has been accepted to the 2018 Annals of the AAG special issue on social justice! I want to thank Reuben Rose-Redwood, Ian Schulte, and Kristian Bredemeyer for their feedback on early drafts, and Sarah Elwood both for encouraging me to keep this written section after removing it from my dissertation and for supervising the project! I also owe some huge thanks to the anonymous peer reviewers who were awesome and offered tremendously useful feedback. It was the most painless peer review I’ve ever been through, and I can thank the reviewers for that! Honestly, if it was you, reach out so we can grab a drink at a conference sometime. :)

Find the pre-copyedited version here

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