Ryan  Burns, phd
March 26, 2012

Goals for the spring quarter

This spring quarter (March 26-June 8) will be a big one if I sit back and cruise, but I want it to be even bigger. I managed to have an outstandingly productive winter quarter, and I want to continue that productivity. Here are my concrete goals that I want to reach before June:

  1. Take my general exams 3rd weekend of this quarter
  2. I hope to hear back from the NSF and the Fritz-Boeing (internal UW fellowship) on whether my research will be funded
  3. Finish, at long last, my thesis write-up and submit it to Cartographica
  4. Draft a paper on the interface development for the Mapping Youth Journeys project
  5. Draft a paper on poverty, inequality, and the geoweb for a special issue of GeoJournal
  6. Develop course material for the Urban GIS class I will teach this summer
  7. Begin thinking about potential sessions to organize for the 2013 AAG in Los Angeles

I think these are all do-able if I focus my energy and work efficiently (which was one of my New Year’s resolutions!). Productivity/efficiency tips are welcome!

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