Ryan  Burns, phd
April 12, 2011

Where to see Ryans AAG work

Tomorrow my colleague Joe Eckert and I will chair the panel session we organized. Entitled “Critical Perspectives on Software and Space”, the session aims to bridge any remaining gap between critical geographic theory and the burgeoning field of software studies. On board we have Sarah Elwood introducing the session, Mark Graham, Wendy Chun, Rob Kitchin, Matthew Zook, and Matt Wilson acting as discussant. The session is at 2:40 in room 603 (Level 6 of the convention center). Should be a great panel, and I’m looking forward to some very engaging conversation. Stop by and say hi!

On Wednesday morning at 8:00 I’m giving my personal presentation, which I have called “Software-sorted geographies of the urban global South”. In this presentation I’m trying to do two things: bring an attention to software within conversations of the urban global South, and to take software & space literatures beyond their overwhelming focus on the global North. This presentation will be in the Sheraton Hotel, Union Tower, 4th floor, Boren Room (whew, that’s a mouthful!). I’d also love to see you there! :)

Cheers, and have a great week at the AAG!

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