Ryan  Burns, phd
February 14, 2011

Harmans reaction to Mubaraks resignation

This came across the Progressive Geographies blog (original post here):

I’ve known and loved these people for more than a decade now, but in the past 18 days they have exceeded all expectations. We can only salute their intelligent and flexible planning, their sense of humor amidst adversity, their organizational skill in the neighborhoods after the police disappeared, the profound sense of unity among different religions and social classes, and above all– the courage of those who remained in Tahrir amidst barbaric camel attacks and sniper fire.

Much remains to be done. The army must be kept honest and pushed toward allowing real elections rather than the ridiculous shams that have been held for decades.

But for now, let’s simply savor what is possibly the best moment in world politics since 1989. And now, just as with Poland and then the Berlin Wall during that year, I doubt this will be the last domino to fall.

Hard to fight back tears at the moment. Egyptians deserve this so badly.

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