Ryan  Burns, phd

This section is about my personal, non-academic interests, of which I’m proud to say there are many.

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Music reviewer

For about a year now I’ve been writing reviews of experimental, minimalist, ambient, and generally “weird” electronic tunes over at The Sights and Sounds. Proud to say that it’s a genuinely incredible cadre of writers, and we’ve been rated at #39 most important music blog by The Style of Sound (of course it’s behind a paywall). I enjoy writing there for a number of reasons, including the fact that it forces me to stay current on the scene, and it’s a productive non-academic outlet of creative expression.

I don’t only listen to that genre, though. Check out what I’m listening to here: Last.fm

Ultra-marathon runner

I’m an ultra-marathon runner. I can’t wait to have time to run more, but to date I’ve run a 50km (30 miles) and a 50 mile race. Came in 3rd for my first marathon, 6th at the 50k, and 157th (out of 400) at the 50-mile. I don’t get out as much as I would like, but running long distances forms a large part of my identity at the moment. I volunteer regularly at races, often run further than 20 miles in a workout, and am even a regular reader of UltraRunning Magazine! I am usually confronted with blank stares when I confess to people that I really enjoy watching ultra videos on YouTube!

My current short-term goal is to run every street in my neighborhood, South Philadelphia, before I leave for University of Calgary in July. Here’s where I’m at currently:

Click a route above to get the distance here.


In 2014 I discovered photography.



Just a few names that come to mind:
Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Jean Cocteau, Kenneth Anger, Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers, Lars von Trier, Jean-Luc Godard, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bela Tarr




Favorites: Silver Needle, An Ji Bai Cha, Cold Summit Tung Ting, Tie Guan Yin, Bi Luo Chun, Yunnan Gold.

White tea in general is probably my favorite tea to drink, but usually only the non-flavored types. White peony is a good example of a well-rounded white tea that has delicate, subtle floral flavors.